Saturday, March 24, 2007

ShmooCon 07 - Day 2

First things first, the Wirefly Marathon messed-up traffic this AM royally!

The rest of the day was good - any Shmoo day is a good day...

One session was a bit different - Michael Schearer from The Church of WiFi presented: A Hacker in Iraq. A Naval Flight Officer - theprez98 talked about his experiences during his 9-month tour in Iraq embedded with Army units on the ground. He put his expertise in electronic warfare to good use against the biggest threat to coalition forces - the improvised explosive device (IED).

He also mentioned on how one of the best sources of real news from the war are the military blogs.

The Hacker Arcade was in full swing today along with Deviant and company's lock picking area. There are a couple of Nitro boxes running in the conf. NOC wonder who gave them that ideal.

Some of the security podcast folks were recording - I saw the CyberSpeak folks in action... look for Shmoo reports from Sploitcast and Hak.5.

More fun on Sunday...


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