Thursday, August 31, 2006

Turning IE into a private Adult Content Browser

Privacy View Software, LLC, announces the release of Privacy View 2.10, a new version of the company’s privacy software for adults. Privacy View is part privacy software and part content management software aimed at people who surf for adult content. The new version of the software was release August 31, 2006.

PI announces the 2006 Stupid Security Competition

Privacy International is calling for nominations to name and shame the worst offenders. The competition closes on October 31st 2006. The award categories are:

  • Most Egregiously Stupid Award
  • Most Inexplicably Stupid Award
  • Most Annoyingly Stupid Award
  • Most Flagrantly Intrusive Award
  • Most Stupidly Counter Productive Award

The competition will be judged by an international panel of well-known security experts, public policy specialists, privacy advocates and journalists.

The competition is open to anyone from any country. Nominations can be sent to

Details of previous award winners can be found below, or at

WIFI Camera Prototype

Nice use for the cans from a favorite snack...

The WiFi Camera Obscura uses a directional WiFi antenna as an aperture for taking "pictures" the radio energy from WiFi use in a room, and paints those pictures as a movie on a nearby wall. The pictures are lovely oil-slicks of revealed radiation.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Blackjacking - 0wning the Enterprise via the Blackberry

Presented at Defcon 14 - Las Vegas, NV 2006 by Jesse D'Aguanno


Research in Motion's Blackberry technology has quickly become the defacto standard for executives and technical personnel alike to maintain unteathered remote access to critical data. Often regarded as inherently secure, most administrators deploy this solution without a full understanding of the technology or risks involved.

This presentation will demonstrate how an attacker could utilize many typical corporate blackberry deployments to directly attack machines on the internal network—behind your perimiter defenses! The tools and source code presented will be available for attendees. Techniques for reducing the risks associated with this technology will also be presented.


Presentation Slides Blackberry Attack Toolkit (Including BBProxy)



Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Privacy Debacle Hall of Fame

Wired News lists what it considers to be the 10 greatest privacy disasters:

10. ChoicePoint data spill
9. VA laptop theft
8. CardSystems hacked
7. Discovery of data on used hard drives for sale
6. Philip Agee's revenge
5. Amy Boyer's murder
4. Testing CAPPS II
2. AT&T lets the NSA listen to all phone calls
1. The creation of the Social Security Number

Friday, August 18, 2006

Blackhat 06 Presentations

Didn't make it to BlackHat in Las Vegas this year? Well you can at least take a gander at the presentations online. They're available here as PDF's.

Cool speed test site is a general use broadband connection testing site with many geographically dispersed servers to test against. Plus it looks very cool...

Wireless networking source - .\\etrix Communication LLC

Interesting source for wireless networking software, parts, supplies and info.

Fridays are for fun! Secret Agent Earphones

Easy way to make FBI-escque earphones. This is very useful if you ever want to listen to music but also have one ear free (for instance while biking in the city)

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Mystery hole opens in Cisco firewall

Some vendors like CheckPoint do one thing and do it extremely well... Others like Cisco do lots of things with mediocrity...
A security researcher has demonstrated how an unpatched vulnerability in Cisco?s PIX firewall appliances could allow outside attackers to gain access to corporate networks. On the final slide of his presentation at the Black Hat show on VoIP security, Hendrik Scholz, a developer with Freenet Cityline disclosed a technique for bypassing the firewalls, according to an audio recording of the talk obtained by IDG News. "You can open up whatever port you want... and access internal servers from the outside," he said "It's really easy to do and we're talking to Cisco about how to get it fixed." By now Black Hat is old hat for Cisco. Last year conference organisers were sued by the networking giant and had to literally rip a presentation by researcher Michael Lynn out of last year's conference materials because it disclosed flaws in its IOS software.

Phone numbers stations mystery revealed at DEFCON

For three months, mysterious telephone numbers have been appearing on the Craigslist classified ad site which, when called, play recordings which sound much like shortwave numbers stations used by certain governments to communicate with intelligence agents in the field who are unreachable by other means. Now the secret behind these phone numbers stations has been revealed.

Read the whole story here.
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