Wednesday, November 29, 2006

psiphon to be released December 1st 2006

psiphon is a human rights software project developed by the Citizen Lab that allows citizens in uncensored countries to provide unfettered access to the Net through their home computers to friends and family members who live behind firewalls of states that censor.

Read about and download it HERE

A Couple of Free Password Generators


Friday, November 24, 2006

$3 Pen-Sized Digital Camera

How can you go wrong for $3 bucks? Stocking Stuffer here I come!

Check out the DigiCam's specs:

  • Sensor Type: CIF/CMOS

  • Interface Type: USB

  • Resolution: 640x480 VGA

  • Video: 9 fps hi-res, 20 fps low-res

  • Memory: 2Mb – 20 to 80 images

  • Dimension: 4.9" x 1.2" x 0.8"

  • Batteries: AAA x 2 Alkaline Batteries

  • Battery Capacity: Continuous Snapshots for 2 hours

  • Stand-by can work about 2 weeks

  • USB Power: When connected the camera draws its power from PC

  • Viewable Angle: 54 degrees

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Holidays are for Kids...

How easy is it to pick a lock you ask? Most locks you come in contact every day are so easy even a 9 year old child can pick a lock their first time if you show them how!

Watch this short video! 9 Year Old Lock Picker

Happy Thankgiving!

Monday, November 20, 2006

'Worm' attacks Second Life world

Virtual world Second Life had to close its doors for a short time on Sunday after a worm attack called grey goo.

The self-replicating worm planted spinning gold rings around the virtual world, which is inhabited by more than a million users.

Players treated the attack with a mixture of mirth and anger.

"Can this game get any more unpredictable and exciting?" asked one user, Loretta Lurra on the official Second Life blog.

As users interacted with the rings they replicated, resulting in a slowdown on the servers used by Second Life's creators Linden Lab, in California.

Second Life has become one of the most talked about developments in cyberspace in recent years.

Panty Raid

Portland Officer in Panties Case Admits, Resigns

The Oregonian (Portland, Oregon)

A Portland police officer pleaded guilty Monday to two counts of official misconduct for asking two women to show him their underwear during a traffic stop in July.

In a plea bargain, John Alexander Wood, 31, agreed to resign, have his police certification revoked immediately and face two years of probation and 100 hours of community service.

Portland Police Chief Rosie Sizer said in a news conference that she was disturbed to learn of the allegations and praised the complaint and review system that acted swiftly to investigate.

The two women reported the incident to police July 26, five days after it happened. Police encouraged the women to file a complaint with the Independent Police Review Division. After the women did so, detectives began a separate investigation and Wood was placed on paid administrative leave. Wood was hired as a Portland police officer in January 2003 and was working as a district patrol officer at the time of the incident.

In the course of investigation, detectives contacted a third woman who also said that Wood asked her repeatedly to show him a tattoo on her groin.

"Community members should be able to trust sworn police officers," Sizer said. "It is my hope that the community will view this as the isolated case it was."

The Oregonian is not naming the two victims.

In a hearing Monday afternoon before Multnomah County Circuit Judge Jean Kerr Maurer, one of the women, who is from Spokane and in her early 20s, spoke of how the traffic stop plagues her every day.

"I have trouble sleeping, and I am still unable to drive at night alone," the woman said, reading from a prepared statement. "Every time I see a law enforcement official, I feel as though I can't breathe and I start to feel nauseous."

Wood wrote letters of apology to the two women, who read them after the hearing, said their attorney, John Allison.

The women told detectives they had spoken with Wood as they were leaving Dukes, a nightclub in East Portland, in the early morning hours of July 21, according to interview records released by police. Wood was in the parking lot in a marked patrol car.

The women claim Wood pulled them over while they were driving home on Interstate 205 at about 3:15 a.m. and told them to lift their skirts and show him their underwear or he would take them to jail for driving under the influence. The women said that Wood also asked them if they had breast implants and if they shaved their pubic hair.

The women said they complied with Wood's requests and he concluded the stop without writing a ticket.

Wood initially denied all allegations in interviews with detectives, saying he had contact with the three women but had not made inappropriate demands.

Allison, the attorney, said Wood couldn't be charged with sexual assault because he didn't touch the women. But, Allison said, Wood made a "full and complete admission" of his crimes in his letter to the women.

In the second incident, which occurred shortly after the first, a woman said Wood approached her and her boyfriend while they were parked in a van outside Ventura Park at Southeast 113th and Pine streets, according to police interviews.

She said she showed Wood a tattoo on her groin three times after he asked to see it under threat she would go to jail for failing to have proper identification on her. The woman is now in custody at the Multnomah County Detention Center for an unrelated probation violation.

Wood is the second law enforcement officer to come under scrutiny recently for inappropriate demands during traffic stops.

A criminal investigation begun in November 2004 found that Multnomah County Sheriff's Deputy Christopher Green asked several women he stopped to either lift their shirt up, remove their bra or unzip their pants while pretending he was searching for a suspect with a flower tattoo. The inquiry also showed Green lied about what he did when questioned by a supervisor.

Green remains on paid leave as the Oregon Department of Public Safety, Standards and Training board considers revoking his police certification. The Multnomah County district attorney's office also has renewed a criminal inquiry into Green's actions.

Game Consoles - High Risk?

Gartner: Crims will use PS3 to crack crypto

That's the opinion of Gartner's Steve Prentice, voiced yesterday at the firm's ITxpo/Symposium in Sydney.

Prentice said PlayStation 3 will pack an impressive 207 teraflops of power under its slim hood when released locally next year. By comparison, his research indicates that the .entry level. machine from supercomputer Cray offers 230 teraflops.

"There will be millions of PlayStation 3's sold, and they will all be online," he said, predicting that the sheer computing power available between the machines will be among the largest and most powerful computers ever assembled.

That power, he believes, will attract criminals.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Hole-in-wall thief used MP3 player

A UK thief outwitted sophisticated banking security systems by using an ordinary MP3 music player to bug cash machines and steal customers’ credit card secrets.

Maxwell Parsons, 41, was the central figure in a gang who went on to steal goods worth hundreds of thousands of pounds in high street stores across Britain.

The banking industry was so alarmed by the gang’s method, believed to be unique in this country, that they immediately moved to plug the technological loophole.

Parsons, a well-known criminal figure, was jailed for 32 months after pleading guilty at Minshull Street Crown Court to deception and unlawful interception of a public telecommunications transmission.

The fraudster learnt how to carry out the fraud from the example set by criminal gangs in Malaysia where the method of fraud was used with devastating effect against the banking system.

Parsons or other gang members would use MP3 portable music players to record data transmitted from free-standing ATM cash machines. The data was then converted to readable numbers using a separate computer programme.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Friday Fun - Reflecto-porn

Instances Reflecto-porn have been growing on sites such as eBay. The idea is that you photograph something whilst wearing your birthday suit and ensure that an image of your nether regions appears reflected in a mirror or the product - e.g. a kettle - that you’re trying to sell.

Examples and more info here.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Medusa Parallel Network Login Auditor

Medusa is intended to be a speedy, massively parallel, modular, login brute-forcer. The goal is to support as many services which allow remote authentication as possible.

More info and download here.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Skill Crane from ShmooCon Lives!

At last year's ShmooCon they had the Hacker Arcade with a skill crane that was hooked up to a PC and available to control over the local wireless network and the Internet. Someone ended up winning most of the skill crane prizes by writing an automated script to hit every spot. I won a Shmoo ball from the dang thing (the old fashion manual way) and now its back online.

Cypherpunks: Its A Word

The Oxford English Dictionary has added cypherpunk. Along with bling, Disneyfied and hard-ass.
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